R.I.P., Mr. Sarris
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One of the pioneers of film criticism has left this Earth. He shall be missed, but his work and influence shall remain. It’s just too bad so many publications have devalued film criticism.

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[youtube] Just curious to know if anyone is surprised by the flops of both Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy? I can’t say that I’m completely surprised, but both did worse than I thought they would. Let’s be honest, neither was going be lining up for Best Picture, but usually Sandler is good…

Brian's Insights
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Welcome to the Nashville Film Festival “Insights” blog.  I’m Brian Owens, Artistic Director and each year it’s part of my job to review — with my jury — the 3,000 entries for our historic festival.  This year, we grew to unprecedented numbers — with 26,000 ticket holders and more than 200 films in 8 days…