DVR Theater, Week of 6/18
by nashvilleff, Subscriber

Beginning today, and every Monday I’m not attending another festival (or NaFF, for that matter), I’ll be recommending some basic cable titles to set your DVRs for this week.  You could also do that less-than-trendy thing of actually watching them when they air, but does anyone really do that any more? I’ll focus on one…

NaFF Films Take Australia by Storm
by nashvilleff, Subscriber

Yorgos Lanthimos’ Alps takes the top Competition Prize and The Maker take best animated short. Congrats to our filmmakers and here’s to more success.

Brian's Insights
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Welcome to the Nashville Film Festival “Insights” blog.  I’m Brian Owens, Artistic Director and each year it’s part of my job to review — with my jury — the 3,000 entries for our historic festival.  This year, we grew to unprecedented numbers — with 26,000 ticket holders and more than 200 films in 8 days…